Advan Black 6x9 Speaker Lids 1996-2019

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Advanblack Color-Matched 6x9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids Cover for Harley Davidson Touring 1996-2019


  Speaker lids will not fit "marine grade" 6x9 speaker

 (as they are bigger than normal 6x9 speaker) 

Direct OEM Replacement, SO IN A Pair

  • Come in both sides speaker lids
  • Include metal mesh grills, speaker housings, lid tethers
  • Accepts most 6" x 9" speakers 
  • Unpainted
  • Easy to install
  • Speakers not included​
  • Compatible with OEM one-touch hardware



  • No speakers included with this listing*
  • Works with OEM hardware
  • *Requires special modification where the "retainer cloth" adapts to the lid as NO mounting hole is provided (since this is where the speaker will be in place, must create an adaptation to where the second mount is applied) 
  • Gaskets are NOT included & sold separatly