Gauge Modifications


Our pricing is based on removal, shipping and re-installation of gauges as well as replacing the smaller gauge lights with color matching LED where applicable.  If you plan to remove and install yourself, please contact GaugeModz directly.  

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2004-up Single Gauge $125.00

2004-up Dual Gauge models like Low Riders and Sportsters $175.00

2004-up V Rod $200.00

2004-2013 Touring Models with 6 Gauge Setup $225.00

2014-up Touring Models with 4 Gauge Setup $260.00

To replace weathered faceplates with better OEM add $40 per faceplate



2004 to present only and Harley OEM gauges only.  No aftermarket brands

 Colors available:Red, Blue,Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink,White

On 2007-up gauges you can select the color of the backlighting, needle, and odometer

on 2004-2006 the need share lighting with backlight.

HD LED GaugeModZ
We remove your stock colored (yellow/gold) leds and replace them with colored led of your choice. 
These are micro leds that are soldered onto the main boards.
We use the very best leds available with the brightest most vibrant colors.
W also use for the smaller gauges LEDs from Superbirghtleds.  They  match up very well with what we install into the speedo/tach's of the 2004-13 touring bikes.








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