Shotgun Shocks Air Ride for Softtail Models

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“The key to the reliability and performance is our unique ability to seal air pressure inside the body of the shock. This is the only air suspension available that does not depend on outside air lines and fittings to hold air. We have a one-way valve that makes it so there is no outside air line holding pressure. The outside line never gets fatigued and the fittings are not critical to the operation of the shocks. If they were to eventually leak or bleed off, it wouldn’t effect the ride height. And if there’s an outside line holding pressure, there’s always the chance of a line blowing, which could lead to serious problems while the bike is in motion; that can’t happen with Shotgun Shocks.


“And also with the Shotgun Shocks the bike will actually go higher even than stock height


The system consists of the shock assembly, a small compressor, and all the associated hardware; each piece being neatly fitted into the area where the stock suspension would be mounted. For those of us who are concerned with looks, the system couldn’t be more impressive. The compressor is chrome and the shock assembly is made from highly polished quarter-inch thick 6061T6 billet aluminum (a black body for the shock assembly is also available). The name “Shotgun Shock” comes from an obvious source: The unit has the serious look of a massive shotgun barrel. All the components are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

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