6 Piston for 18" Rotor

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The innovative HHI BFC-18 ,6 piston Direct Bolt On Differential Bore  Brake Caliper is sweeping the Big Wheel Performance Brake Category! 

This exciting, new 6 piston differential bore caliper for 18 inch diameter rotors is the first direct bolt on, purpose built caliper for the Big Wheel Bagger market. The BFC-18 caliper features a completely redesigned and upgraded 6 piston configuration with bigger bores and  larger brake pads which deliver increased overall braking performance. 

The BFC-18, 6 piston caliper for 18 inch brake rotors, is recommended to to be installed with the 15mm master cylinder found on 2008 later 


Touring Bikes. When installing the BFC-18 caliper on 2007 and earlier model Touring Bikes it is recommended to use an 11/16" master cylinder..